New Book - The impact of social isolation on engagement in remote-working public and private employees

A book that offers a people-centred approach to remote-working by exploring the challenges people face when working from home. Poor organisational communication, work intensification and inflexible work monitoring can lead to social isolation and a drop in employee engagement levels. Focus on how employees are experiencing remote-working, and willingness to hear and evaluate their suggestions for improvements can make the difference in terms of organisational success and productivity. Recommendations include:
- the right to unplug at the end of a working day to ensure work-life balance;
- flexible work arrangements based on tasks and goals, rather than on specific working hours;
- an effective and transparent organisational communication strategy.
The study finally proposes a remote work model designed to both identify employee engagement levels and strengthen any necessary areas. Find further online material by visiting

Therese Dharmakan-Pistilli BSc(hons), MSc - Life, Business and Well-Being Coach – is owner and founder of The Empathic Listener ( With a background in nutritional therapeutics and human resource management, and more than 20 years of personal experience in freelance remote-working, Therese specialises
in well-being in organisational settings, especially for remote-working individuals and teams.

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