Life Coaching

Life coaching is a journey of discovery of our amazing potential, of the resources we possess to face life’s challenges. We have the solutions to our problems within us, and if we cannot change external situations, we have the power to adjust our outlook to make the most of our circumstances.

Life coaching is neither psychotherapy nor a session with the psychologist.

I adopt a tested results-oriented method studied to help you:

  • explore your potential;
  • identify possible solutions for any issue, whether personal or practical;
  • retain the most feasible options; and,
  • leave the session with a positive proactive attitude and an action plan.

My coaching sessions converge CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and motivational interviewing to offer you an empowering experience.

The life coach does not give you advice but helps you find your own solutions, disperse the fog and achieve clarity.

We often long for somebody to just listen to us but life is so busy that people rarely have the time to actively listen to one another.

Step into my Listening Room for a regenerating and healing listening experience. Open the door to your amazing personal power, and become aware of the talents you never thought you possessed.