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Today, having tested several methods during many coaching hours, I realise that the best I can offer is what I am best at doing myself, and that is looking beyond the obvious, studying issues under various lenses to, finally, help the client define the most appropriate solution for them.

If you are a curious explorer of both self and situations with a passion for ongoing learning and development, contact me for a journey of discovery that is both insightful and fun.

I can help you walk this path of self-discovery and visionary problem-solving with an approach that combines the analytical structure of business theories and the power of creativity, imagination, colour, and your personal interests and passions.



Therese Dharmakan-Pistilli, BSc(hons), MSc
(founder and owner)

mobile: +39 339 89 55 722
LinkedIn: Therese Pistilli

Associate member of Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD), London

Member of International Coaching Federation (ICF)