Bespoke Business Coaching For Your Workforce

The way organisations, companies and businesses work has changed significantly since the pandemic began in 2019. By default people’s way of working has changed too with positive as well as negative outcomes for both staff and employers.

As we move towards ‘a new normal’ the workplace is going to look very different.

How can I help you with this transition?

After 30 years of remote-working and building a successful translation business from scratch, I have extensive experience in the challenges and opportunities that remote-working brings. My experience can help organisations who have not previously had a remote workforce as well as those whose staff have always worked remotely.
My coaching services focus on your people, their needs, challenges, passions and achievements, aligning them with your business goals – because happy people are the key to organisational success.
I consider an organisation a group of people working together to achieve a common goal. Indeed, my dream customers are:

  • organisations that believe in sustainable development and adopt environmentally friendly policies;
  • organisations that believe in empowering people to bring the very best of their professional, creative, and humane skills to work as they consider the organisation’s success a personal achievement;
  • organisations that look ahead, pursuing ongoing development and innovation.

Stay close to your employees whether they are working remotely, flexibly or in the workplace.
Involve and empower them by sharing news about organisational achievements and progress to encourage cooperation, commitment and effort.

How will I understand your business?

Through my own extensive academic, practical, and personal experience, I will:
analyse your corporate vision, mission, HR and business strategy to define an insightful and targeted bespoke service designed to meet your needs.

My service package includes:

  • supporting knowledge-sharing among colleagues, to encourage cooperation and mutual respect,
  • providing sessions on healthy nutritional habits, especially when adapting to a remote-working lifestyle,
  • providing sessions on healthy living initiatives that can be easy and fun to implement, not just for the employee but their family as well,
  • providing group or individual coaching sessions, based on the interests and needs expressed.

Contact The Empathic Listener for a creative and healthy approach to the management of your staff.